Listen to the guys and their guests as they sit around the virtual campfire and shoot the proverbial B.S. about life, politics, technology, and all manner of topics related to being a modern man. This is like having your dad, that cool uncle, and all their buddies sitting around telling war stories and dropping knowledge bombs!

Lets meet the boys:

John Q.

The tactical-nerd. John served in Afghanistan as an infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division, and in Iraq as a security contractor. A veteran law enforcement officer with over a decade of experience in patrol, SWAT, and investigations, John primarily investigated technology involved crimes in his law enforcement career. He served as a member of multiple state and federal task-forces related to cyber crimes. After leaving government service, John further refined his skills as a technologist with a legal technology consulting firm specializing in high stakes civil litigation.

John has been disclosed as an expert witness in the areas of digital and mobile forensics and investigations in multiple state and federal jurisdictions where he testified on matters pertaining to civil and criminal activity including homicide, aggravated assault, and other felony level cases.

John is a certified law enforcement instructor and has taught thousands of local, state, and federal officers and agents in areas related to digital forensics and cyber investigations. He has also presented at national conferences and speaks regularly on technology related topics to various public and private organizations.

When not traveling extensively for work, John enjoys good bourbon, motorcycles, Jeeps, and general tom-foolery and shenanigans with the boys.

Tommy Boy

The smart one. Learning and teaching new things every day. That is how Tommy Boy has defined his life and what he continually strives for. Tommy believes life is nothing more than time to collect experiences and share good times with family and friends.

As a younger man, Tommy spent as much time as possible in the outdoors. His life began with growing up in a rural area lacking outside entertainment options besides siblings to run wild and play war against. He grew up playing with sticks and rocks like any normal caveman until the sticks and rocks started to produce wounds requiring sutures. As Tommy got older, he moved to the Boy Scouts for his fix of outdoor fun. While involved with scouting, many of his prized role models were former military men. These men shared vast amounts of knowledge and life lessons with the young men around many a campfire. Predictably, the scouting experience turned out to be the perfect precursor for an eventual career in the military, which after retirement continues with his current role working in the defense industry.

Tommy Boy has had the opportunity to participate in many unusual pursuits along the wild ride of life, from being a rock-climbing instructor and mountain guide to a lifeguard. Tommy can drive anything with wheels and has driven off-road on every continent except Antarctica. Tommy can fix cars, boats, or airplanes if needed and knows just where and how you might want to put guns or armor on any of them. You can see Tommy on the big screen in a major motion picture or a music video if you look closely. Tommy has been to all 50 states multiple times, participated in the special operations invasion of other countries, and continues to be a frequent traveler. While Tommy’s resume might sound impressive, nothing in it compares to his next stop for fried chicken during his travels.


The medic. Short attention span seeking experience to grow old with and/or identify/solidify capabilities.

Loves dogs, enjoys walks under night vision, a bit of a foodie but can feed self out of a convenience store for a few days, and drinks more carbonated water than beer these days.

Dan-O’s early years included much time spent in the outdoors involved in Boy Scouts where he managed to complete the process to earn the rank of Eagle just prior to his 18th birthday, despite being distracted by participation in the local fire department and working as a lifeguard.  Time spent in the fire department yielded training in fire suppression, vehicle extrication, and completion of the EMT-B certification.  Utilizing the EMT-B certification, Dan-O obtained a job with a career EMS service which would provide him with opportunities to refine his skills and move into the realm of Advanced Life Support training and certification.  During this time he also found his way into the realm of remote and tactical medicine, traveling extensively to learn and apply new skills and knowledge in challenging environments.

Having a base of medical and tactical knowledge, certifications, and professional contacts in the contracting world lead to Dan-O taking advantage of an opportunity to work as a security contractor in support of US interests abroad.  After spending time contracting, he worked in the firearms and tactical gear industry in roles including sales, marketing, and product development.  Most recently Dan-O has returned to public service to refresh and hone his skills as a medical practitioner.

During the psych portion of a background investigation the interviewer asked for a rundown of Dan-O’s professional history and replied with something to the effect of, “It sounds like you have some interesting experiences but haven’t found your place in the world.”  Danger close! I say again, danger close!

“My path seems to have a common theme:  I find something interesting and throw myself into it passionately, usually with the goal of becoming a more capable human.  Sometimes that lasts a week and sometimes it lasts for years.  It is a gift and a curse, the greatest reward has been some of the people I have met along the way.”

Note: While the biographies of the boys are 100% real, the names and photos are not. We value our privacy and careers. We thank you for your understanding.


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